I need a proxy supplier willing to work with me.

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    Simple concept really - you sell proxies, our users will need proxies.

    I'm working on a service currently, and will have many more, that will require proxy usage.
    To make things easier on the users, I'd like to be able to offer them proxies for sell directly from my websites - without me having to create my own proxy service.

    I do not wish to describe this service in public. I'll be more than happy to go over the details in private however.
    The basic concept is people log-in to our site, pay for a service and our server resources, then they purchase proxies to help keep an account from the site our service works on from getting blocked.
    I'd like to have a page where they can purchase the proxies from us so to say, our system forwards you the money, and your system POSTs the proxies to a PHP script to be loaded into a MySQL database for the purchaser.

    I know a lot of you offer discounts on bulk amounts but we do not want to purchase thousands of proxies up-front while we wait for our user base to grow.
    I need someone that can see the benefit in a constant stream of small purchases. Furthermore, I'll be creating a system (API essentially) tailored towards you that you can offer other people that would potentially need such a thing.

    If anyone's up for working with me on this, please PM me your Skype and/or phone number.
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