I need a programmer who knows bulk-email.

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    May 10, 2011
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    I'm using a robot to send a few emails (maybe one in 5 minutes, NOT thousands per minute).
    The robot is programmed with Perl, and the front is PHP.
    Using PHPMailer_v5.1 to send the emails from/thru MY domain (SMTP / port 25 / like CatchAll at myDomain dot com).

    I'm in Los Angeles, but I connect thru a HideMyAss.com VPN (openvpn), so it looks like I'm somewhere else.
    The problem is in the email headers:
    The "From:" IP shows the IP of where I actually am, in Los Angeles! That's not good.
    I want that email From header to show the IP at the other end of the VPN, like in Dallas, or Miami.
    I want the tech-savvy email recipient to think that I was sitting in (Dallas) when I sent that email.

    You need to retrieve the IP of where I'm (not) at from the VPN service provider.
    And then put that (Dallas or Miami) IP into the email From header.

    Please PM me if you can do this.