I need a mass mailer program

Crazy Monkey

Aug 4, 2015
I'm looking for a mass email software that either allows me to revolve my own IP addresses or a complete solution with a high delivery rate.

The company has been sending out 250,000 emails a day through a company that manages their current software and it is no longer meeting expectations. The company is looking for a new solution ASAP.

Anybody know of mass mail software or solution that is currently working, with a high delivery rate?
i got a custom setup i can sell but it will cost you 2k$, can give you a demo of inbox rate...

private technique utilizing white-listed ips...

PM me if interested...
If you have the cash use SilverPop.. Otherwise, i'd suggest setting up your own server with an experienced tech guy taking care of all the backend setup for you.
Alternatively, you can PM me i'll refer you to someone providing that solution, should cost around $1.8K.
Try bulk mailer pro. It has the ability to resend letters unlimited times to failed recipients. High delivery rate guaranteed
I remember when I have asked a similar question as @OP.
What I got? A bunch of pm's from motherfuckers, all of them have tried to sell me powermta+interspire cracked.
I'm interested to hear from those of you that can supply (and of course demonstrate) mass mailing setups and necessary instructions with high inboxing ratios on scraped (ie not opted-in) lists. Please pm me with details, I'm a motivated buyer.

More upfront details = less back and forth discussion = better for both of us.

Yes i can give you complete installation of Powermta + interspire on your server, which can send 400k-500k emails in a day. Powermta is the best software used for bulk emailing or mass emailing. For more details, skype me at jack.interspire
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