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    I need a good keyword researcher. What I need him to do is to research a long tail keywords with easy competition and with a reasonable amount or searcher in Google. It does not to go very detailed about the competition level but at least you can make sure it has not much of heavy competition.
    So how this will work is like this. I am promoting several health and beauty product as an affiliate. What I need you to find is a term or phrase where at the end will promote the product.

    For examples I am selling a product named "ABC" which is a natural supplement for cholesterol. I need you to find keywords such as "how to lower cholesterol naturally with supplements" or "best natural cholesterol lowering supplements" or even better ideas where finally I can sell product "ABC".
    I know this is not a difficult job for you who have an experience in keyword research. I have one guy already and I need another one. I already have writers for this.

    Let say I give you one product and you must find 10 long tail keywords. Those 10 keywords needs to be different each from other yet at the end will promote same product. You will need to provide me the keyword list and the searcher amount from GKP. PM me your price for this only if you are able to do it perfectly. I don't want noobs.

    At the moment I have 100 more products where I need to find long tail keywords.
    Remember this is not a monthly job, it is per package job.
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    i can do!
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    I can recommend Andres1986 and have been really satisfied with his keyword research services.