I need a Bot / PHP / Perl script. Will pay.

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    May 10, 2011
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    I need a Bot / PHP / Perl script that will scrape/scan a website, and then send emails.

    This Process MUST Look HUMAN, and it Will be Very Profitable for US.

    When browsing the web, certain "signature headers" are added that can display, amongst other things, what browsing software you're using, like IE or Firefox, etc? I want the bot/script to use similar "signatures"? to look like a "human" user when browsing. ARE YOU EXPERIENCED / FAMILIAR with that stuff?

    I also want the bot to use similarly appropriate "signatures" in the outgoing emails, to look like Thunderbird or Outlook, etc... Are You Experienced / Familiar with that stuff?

    And? the browsed website uses cookies when you're browsing their website. I want the bot to store the cookies sent by that website and then send them back for each request, to look "human". Are You Experienced / Familiar with that stuff?

    Please reply here or PM me or: I'd actually prefer email: BigFish at mark27 dot com.

    Thanks. Let's make some $.