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    I've launched a website - deals and discounts orientated, almost like a Groupon, but heavily localised to the city I live in. I know the city inside out, so I can get deals and discounts in awesome places the the bigger guys can't reach. I've negotiated some great discounts with businesses from all over, and I have under 4,000 members from display advertising, and through A/B testing, I've got my cost per acquisition down to $0.40 per members. All whiter than white.

    But....I'm considering using my current domain as a burner, absolutely hammering it for short term rankings for some very profitable keywords and then switching to the country TLD where I'm operating out of to get a clean version of the domain again. The business is so centered around email marketing, once I get a list of ~20,000 (in city with a 2.5million population), it will become very profitable. I've actually worked in digital for 2 similar companies in the same city, so i know it very well.

    Where can I find someone who has a proven track record of this?