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    I have a series of topical polls that pierce to the heart of certain issues. Pay close attention, this is for money AND love. (lol)

    I was expecting to be banned again. Don't they have a "2-strikes and you're out" policy? Lol. They teach you how to use proxies. How can they possibly expect me to take a "lifetime ban" seriously. Except for....

    A) I'd be cursed, and have to ALWAYS use a proxy. Any time I used my home IP, someone would get an e-mail.

    B) I'd be blessed, and be forced into existing anonymously on the internet. Well, as anonymously as the Law Enforcement will let you, lol...

    C) It doesn't matter to me either way. I'm well-disciplined with my use of anonymous proxies, and can manage just fine with or without any coersive pressure.

    D) Hmm. I had an answer, but as soon as I started posting it, it didn't make sense anymore. Guess I finally learned how to think things "All the way Through".

    E) That previous guy is an idiot. How can he possibly know when (or even if) it ever ends. The word "through" connotates a beginning and and end, an alpha and an omega. That guy isn't smart enough to know what reality is, because he doesn't understand the definition and the connotational permutations of the word "through".

    F) I can't believe I just made it through that paragraph. It sort of actually made some sense.

    G) I feel the same way as "F)", except I already knew all that. I thought I was the only one. How cool. How many of us are there?

    H) Post the percentages referenced to the respondant's stated IQ. They'll do it at least 3 times, in order to see what real, extreme high and extreme low look like. 3X the hits = maybe 2X the Gross. Or does the exponent go the other way.

    I) "H)" is correct in some ways. Wrong in others. One way he is right is that there is an exponential curve on the equation. The question is: Which way does it curve?"

    J) I'm driving to Rockport, or rather I'm accompanying a friend while she does her serious life business. I'm the "expert". Last time someone took me on an inspection, I found a lot of defects. Word must be getting out that just being near me either makes or saves people money.


    Another Poll:

    Q: You just got S~T~O~N~E~D.
    Do you either:

    A) Sit on the couch in the cold downstairs Living Room and play the guitar with a missing string?
    B) Sit up late on the computer and post crazy shit that pisses people off and makes them laugh, both.
    C) Etc...

    Twitter the responses to anyone that posts, so they are updated constantly. It gives them something to think about. They can plan their response all day while at work, then race home to their computer where they can post what they thought of all day.

    D) That guy's brilliant, and there's money to be made here. Whose got Investment Capital ?

    Another Poll:

    If the economy were to make a dramatic improvement in the next 6 months, and sustained that positive growth with such health that predictions are it will last for several decades, would you vote for Barrack Obama and elect him to a second term?

    Obviously this would have to get intensely Moderated in order to adapt to any but the most raw of forums. How raw is this one, btw? I can't tell.


    If you were paid $50,000 to give a correct answer (no matter what it was), Does your computer have a keylogger that records your every keystroke?

    A) Yes.
    B) No.

    It either does or it does not. There's no half-way on this, although they might believe it. Like how OJ didn't do it, he was just "connected" in some way. He probably knew who did it, but he didn't do it himself. That's what people said. I remember, I was there.


    Ever wonder if we really WERE in a Matrix of some kind ?

    A) Huh? What's a Matrix?
    B) Yes, and I'm Neo.
    C) No, I'm one of those anonymous people that died before the movie even started. I was one of those "casualties" that we learned so much about our enemy from.
    D) Etc...


    If you accidentally drink mouthwash, does that make you the same as the people that beg for money in order to drink it downtown?

    A) No. Those people are grimy bums, and I'm a young college student, experimenting with life. In fact, I'm doing something to my <censored> right this very minute.

    B) I need to practice my Eeengrish. Good Day to you SIR!

    C) Yes. Those people have a right to live as they please, as do you. Who are you to tell them "How to Live". Leadership is by Example. You are what you do. etc... That makes you a "Not-Leader" in my book.

    D) @ C) - People do not choose misery. If they are miserable, it by definition means they have lost their capacity to choose anything, and we are compelled to act on their behalf.

    E) @ D) Misery IS a choice. Some people choose work, and discipline while others choose a pleasure-seeking lifestyle. People have been making bad choices for millenia. It's been documented for millenia. We cannot stand on the apex of human development, and then deny the means by which we achieved our success! We're smart, their stupid and they'll always be miserable no matter what choices we give them. They always choose the short term over the long term, and the immediate gratification over the delayed.

    F) I'm a doctoral student, and this stuff is INTERESTING. If I had money, I'd pay for it. Can I have a loan? I'll be sure to lobby Congress in order to not have to pay it, just as soon as I graduate. But for right now, I'll act grateful. <blink><blink><blink>

    G) What is the sound of two women snoring?

    I don't like not knowing if I'm going to get banned for some exotic, super-important and yet simultaneously secret reason that has a rule that I violated, buried somewhere under a rock in one of these sub-forums. Yesterday I was schooled in the "ettiquette" of allowing scammers trying to steal your craigslist account to live 9mm hole-free. Apparantly "LP" means "Landing Page", and you are not supposed to "out" someone's "LP". it's part of the "Omerta", I guess. Paulie was on his way over to my house, to talk some sense to me, but decided that I was too much of a bad-ass and went home instead to his fat wife. The one that screeches about how their son "Doesn't Do Anything". (He just sits in his room, in front of that computer, all day loo-ang, ad infinitum...) <Focus on ugly, too-big lips and over done hair, and fade-out.>

    Guess there's no way to solve that anxiety. Probably a good thing. oh. another poll.

    "Ever Noticed How Many People are BANNED Here?"
    A) Yes. I think it's because there are so many bad people here. They get banned constantly because they're bad.
    B) Yes, I think they are 'bots, and kids experimenting with scripts, etc...
    C) Btw, I have an idea on how to get connected faster here on BHW. PM me for details.
    D) It's automated, but it did something to the forum software. Some kind of self-protected mode. It didn't know what was happening, but it knew something was happening that was different. Oops. Sorry. (Note to self: Don't practice your works on the Server that you are learning from, DUH. Go practice on an enemy Server, like OverClockers.net.