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    It's been like two weeks since I bought scrapebox and I can't emphasize enough how much I love this little program.

    I've read pretty much every thread on this forum with the word scrapebox in the title so I practically knew the potential of scrapebox and what it is capable of beyond blog commenting

    But out of all the tasks that scrapebox can execute my favorite one is blog commenting.

    I've read several threads where people say they blast tens of thousands blogs per session and generate massive backlinks in a short period of time.

    However, I took a safer route and just blast several hundreds or thousands or sometimes in the lower ten thousand region (I just can't understand why people are so damn interested in justin bieber)

    I usually pick a keyword that shows up in the news section or a celebrity name and use intitle:keyword to harvest blogs.

    I don't really use anchor text just because I don't want my comments to look spammy (However since yesterday I started using anchor text in the name column...lets see how many of them sticks)

    For the comments I don't write any of them. Since I target specific topics I can't use generic comments. I use tweetattack to scrape some tweets using the keyword of my choice and copy and paste some good tweets into magic article rewriter. Then I go to google blog search and find a reputable blog thats not powered by wordrpess but has the keyword in the title . I read through the comments and copy whatever is good from there and paste it into MAR.
    After I've gathered all the comments I spin the shit out of them (I usually copy paste around 20 because I have to check the spun comments to see if its readable and 20 spun comments is already pain in the butt)

    So whats the result?
    Well last time I checked I gained over 300 backlinks/site in less than a week.
    I have total of 7 websites, which translates to 2100 backlinks total, blasted approximately 30000 blogs with an average of slightly less than 30% success rate. So out of 9000 successful blog commenting, 25% stuck and got indexed within less than a week (I was surprised to see that some of those links are pr 3~4). I'm pretty sure there are other people with better results but I'm content with my results...as of now...

    If you ask me about the serp results all my websites initially disappeared from all major search engines but its slowly showing up again
    Before it disappeared it danced alot, I mean alot. One day it was on the first page the next day it was on page 45 and back in page 3 couple days later.
    But now it seems like its immune to google dancing, which is good.

    I'm gonna keep blasting on until I reach #1 and when I make my first $1000 I'm gonna buy xrumer and see if it is as powerful as people claim it is.

    Oh by the way, when I get too lazy to check spun comments I just add "I'm sorry I'm from (any third world country) my english so {poor|bad|not good}"
    I don't know how effective this is but at least I'm trying to get away with my laziness true black hat style
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