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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rajugaru, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Hi, I can't say I am a noob, coz I have been a member in this form for a long time. I have made few bugs with the knowledge gained from here. I been in adsense, then jumped to CPA, then for Black hat SEO techniques. Making bugs on fiverr like sites now, as well as Freelancing sites with the techniques purely learnt from here.

    But I wanna know few things in clear, I have seen highly intelligent people around here, who advised me when I was noob and taunted me as well, I had taken everything in positive and never ran away.

    I know how to get traffic to a site, know about directory submission, know Social book marking, know fan making techniques in Facebook, don't know about Twitter, don't know about RSS technology and what ping means.

    I am looking for RSS and Ping in detail...

    It would be great to know about these from this forum and use a combination of things, I know I am asking free stuff, but no where to go :)

    Thanks a lot in advance..
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    Dude, where do you live. Bugs is a very strange form of currency - and I'd be really surprised if Google Adsense and CPA networks were paying out in Bugs. I usually prefer Dollars (not US tho) or commodities (Gold).

    RSS is really simple syndication, used for remote services to collect a list of links and snippets from blogs. Pinging essentially updates remote services that a feed has been updated and tells them to come and gather the latest content.

    BTW there is a search box!

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    I think he means "buck" which means money. :)
    rajagaru: in which state are you located?