I have xrumer, scrapebox, and MNF..


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Aug 20, 2010
Yeah, I have scrapebox, xrumer, and micro niche finder. I understand everything that goes into putting a profitable blog together, I'm just extremely lazy.

Do you think it's possible I could find a good virtual assistant or two from india (or wherever), pay them the going rate ($2/hr) and have him do all the work for me? I mean everything. I want these people to do whatever niche research is required, all the backlinking, content, ad placement, etc. using the tools I have available and make me a bunch of little blogs that generate between $1 and $3 a day. I don't see why they couldn't do at least two in an 8 hour workday.

What do you guys think?
I think it's a dumb idea, no offense. But you want to hire people for $2/hr, work their asses off, and make a measly $1 - $3 per site per day. To make a decent income, it would take you a couple hundred sites, which would be hard for your laborers to manage.

Why not just hire a couple people to build up and SEO 2 or 3 quality sites that could bring in $300 - $500 a day, and give them a sweat equity agreement.
How many blogs do you expect these people working at 2.00 a hr to manage for you? Also what kind of rankings are you expecting for 2.00 a hr? I mean in a full days worth of work, they will only make 16.00 that's just insane. lol
You will NOT get quality stuff at $2/hr.. you'll most probably just end up wasting a lot of time.
Its possible to get a good person in the philipines for $3 an hour. They may be able to do your blog setup. I'm not sure what you have in mind for that.

We are presently looking for an outsourcer for our xrumer. Definetly doable. However managing and giving of the affiliate links should be kept a mystery and something you do. in my opinion.

Just not that it will be hard work getting them up to speed but doable.
Philippines has become more favoured than India lately. Better discipline and language skills. Yet outsourcing is tricky. You have to break it down into chewable pieces and have a rigid system of verifiable oversight, accountability and progress reports. John Reese's Oursource Force (should be on our forum) course goes thoroughly into that, so DO read that before you go into deep waters. There are lots of sharks and sharp rocks around.
Who is cheaper guys? Some Indian fellows that do work for me are pretty expensive to be honest
instead of paying them by the hour pay them per project and this way you would safe money , people from philippines are mostly hard working people and modest give them a try perhaps
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