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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Spuffed, Sep 29, 2014.

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    So basically i've got my proxies and accounts for my IG Journey!

    But I have a few questions for your Followliker veterans.

    1) I'm trying to set up 100 accounts on 25-30 different proxies, but I want to make account 1 on proxy 1 have the same settings as account 1 on proxy 2 and account 2 on proxy 1 the same as account 2 on proxy 2 etc.? How do I have a quicker way of doing that?

    2) Is an account thread just basically an account, so if i'm running 100 accounts... do I just put 100?

    3) How do I make it so all of my botting accounts likes my main IG accounts pictures?

    4) Where do I put the celebrities IG accounts so I can get the bots to comment on their photos?