I Have Proxies - Now What?

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by S1R1US, Jun 16, 2012.

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    So a friend of mine is trying to win backstage tickets to a boy band for her daughter through a radio contest. The challenge? Hits. That's it. No registration, just hits. They even allow repeat hits from the same IP after every 15 minutes. After an entire week the #1 person is just at 20,000 hits. It's my understanding that using proxies can generate fake traffic right? I'm still pretty new, but I found fastVisits 1.1 on here and used one of the recent lists from here as well. I put the URL to the contest page and hit run. A few hundred cycled through as 'successful' but the actual hits themselves only increased by like 5-10 clicks. Am I possibly just misunderstanding the use of a proxy list? All I really need is to push hits to a specific site from different IPs for at least 15 minutes. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks! -S1