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    Okay lets say i have optimized a page for the following key phrase:

    "Blue leather jacket"

    Will my site be optimized for all those keywords
    "Blue leather jacket"
    "blue leather"
    "leather jacket"

    Because Google have no way to see what keyword i want to rank for? i hope that makes sense
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    Yeah, optimize for blue leather jacket. Then pull in some other keywords that your competitors use.

    <h1>LEATHER JACKETS: Style and durability</h1>

    Blue leather jackets are great pieces of clothing, not only because they are durable, but when the leather shines, they make the person wearing the jacket look like a million bucks.

    There are some general tips that should be taken into consideration when thinking about buying a leather jacket online or at the local store(there are many local leather jacket retailers in your area). In the following article I will disguss tips on keeping your leather looking new, leather cleaning tips and discuss some of the most popular leather jacket styles on the market.

    Different styles of leather jackets?

    There are many popular styles of leather jackets, such as blue leather jackets, worn leather jackets, shiny leather jackets etc. In the scope of this article though, we will stick to the most common black jacket.

    Common leather jacket:

    1. some jacket
    2. some jacket
    3. some jacket
    4. some jacket

    blah blah blah...

    Just weave them into the text.

    Thats how I write articles.. Complete bullcrap..lol...

    I mean, the title of your page in the url is leather jackets, you have <h1> brackets, keyword is in description, the keyword density on page is high for leather jackets etc..........

    Really, you should focus on using a couple of other terms in there as well......... some of the long tails that only get 100 searches per month.. sprinkle them in there...... trust me.....

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    I think it depends on what you're putting in your meta tags, since that's the main way G might distinguish between the keywords.