I have a Torrentleech invite to trade

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    Aug 28, 2009
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    Hi BHW community! I have 1 Torrentleech invitation left in my account & I will give it to those who will offer me a better cash amount into my PayPal account. This money will be use/added for my 3 year old son's 'clef palate' operation next month... So what is Torrentleech? Well, TL is the best private tracker/torrent sites in the net today. As a former releaser (movie torrents), it's where I get my DVD & BDrip sources (scene-releases). You can't get this invitation anywhere b'cos they do not have open registration like other private tracker site does. I'm not asking for much...but this invitation will be given to the highest bidder...& Don't forget to PM me...Thanks!

    Proof :