I have A.D.H.D,

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    I have A.D.H.D, I wish I have physical problem not mental. My dream is to be a writer and a public figure on the Internet. This is my true story.

    The only thing between idea and success is doing. With the help of God’s angel, I manage to write my books, build my website (withali.com) and publish my books.
    My dream right now is to write 100 books for free. Until my 33 years old. 100 great books that hope can help anyone who wants to work with the internet.

    My goal has changed, I don’t want to be rich, I want to help people to reach their goals by reading my books for free. Yes, I have a lot of ideas but I can’t make all of them in one day (one social network, also one thing about solar energy and clean energy) and I deal with God that I will spend my life for volunteer works and non-profit organizations who are working on improving human lives.

    I do realize that I have another option since I am working with the Internet; by being a spammer. You can earn a lot of money by being one, but I want to do something that can improve human lives. Be spammer or anything like that and selling other peoples stuffs, doesn’t make me feel good. I want to create a good things that I can proud of. So I decided to share my knowledge and my experience from what I did in the past. I know I can earn a lot of money from it but sometimes money isn’t always the first.

    I want to be happy and I notice that one way how to make myself happy is by teaching and educating people in things I love to do (something like Patch Adams movie). I found my passion in teaching but I tend to get bored with one particular subject over a month. That is the reason behind my goal to complete 100 ebooks in 3 years. Thanks to the Internet that allows me to do what I want to do and I am going to extend my understanding on any subject to everyone.

    Why do I choose to write a book? Personally, I think that reading is the best investment in life. I believe in Poor people have a big T.V. and Rich people have a big library”. In this website, I am not only want to teach anyone with any particular subject, I will also share my experiences, my thoughts on how to be successful person. I believe that the greatest self is self-improvement, self-development and self-discovery.

    I have always been dreaming of being successful and rich, but I didn’t read or exposed myself on how the rich and successful people got to be where they are now. After some readings, documenting, I figured that rich people have been improving their habits and behaviors. One thing that I can share with you about these elites is for them, being rich does not only mean figures in the bank account; being rich is when you rich in knowledge, family, health and contributes to humanity.

    Until June2016: I wrote 3 books.
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    I have A.D.H.D too and I'm not sure what you just said but good luck!
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    every different person has a different definition of what being rich is, like the way you think.
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    ^ got a.d.h.d as well :D, but this make things more interesting :D