I have a Custom Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ Content Locker

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    This is a content locker that I built for one of my larger projects. Right now it has 3 ways of locking content. It requires a user to either 1) Share the/a website on their Facebook wall; 2) Tweet content to their Twitter feed; 3) Google+ the/a website url (I may also add a Facebook Like content locking option)

    If the user completes one of the 3 the content will become unlocked and viewable (instantly with ajax).

    I also have a content locker built that uses tracking pixels. This is good for locking content and requiring users to complete cpa offers. You just place the pixel on the cpa offer's success page and it will fire once the user reaches that page. When the pixel fires, the content is unlocked.

    I have built both of these custom scripts from the ground up, so I have the capability of customizing them to whatever extent possible.

    What I am looking for is a way to branch out and diversify my earnings through this content locking technology. I'm looking to add these script to a new application or to a working method.

    I have 2 full time coders that are fluent in pretty much all coding languages. I have these guys working for me 7 days a week right now, so anything that is physically possible can be built.

    I'd like to JV with someone that knows of a profitable way to put these scripts to use. Either you have a great idea that you know will be profitable (and we build the application) or you already have a working method that you think can be improved with these scripts I have. And like I said, I have coders working full time so no JV project is too big.

    Send me a PM if you are interested. I'd like to get something started soon, my developers are running low on work right now.