I Hate this F.or..u.m Now

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    What ever happen to the old B.H.W where we didn't need to add 5000 .'s in our threads text because of some B.S filter system, is BHW really filled with that much c.r.a.p lately?

    Who else agrees sh.*t's changed and it ain't the same it use to be :chicken_w

    p.s just because i only have 8 posts and been here since this year doesn't mean i haven't been around for along time, thats another thing that bugs me, people JUDGE based on forum status these days which is pathetic.
    for some f**ked up reason people seem to think if you have 1k posts you make a billion dollars a year but if you only have 5, you make 50 cents a year. it's disgusting how people judge that way now.

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