I got robot pageviews counted in google analytics


Jun 2, 2014
My site is totally new, GA report show that my site got over 1k page views/day. I can say that those page views are from robot because:
- Client OS is 98% Linux
- Screen resolutions are mostly 800x600
However it's weird that bounce rate is around 50%. Avg session duration is over 4 minutes

I'm really confused, how could robots counted, usually they don't have javascript activated. And if they're robot, bounce rate is supposed to be 100%. What are they doing with my site?

Can anyone advise my case please?
Very strange - could they be click bots perhaps? Trying to click on Adsense ads and get you banned. Those bots would have to be JS enabled.
That's because they have JS enabled. Bots these days are pretty smart. Try banning referrers / IPs / IP range through htaccess if using apache.
yeah, I agree that they're bots with js enabled. Thank you all for reminding that I should ban them to protect my Adsense account
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