I Got Ripped Off By askHWH!

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by klwoods21, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Do not give askHWH ([email protected]) any of your money he ripped me off! He was a nice guy before i paid him after i paid he turned into the biggest jerk ever. i bought an adwords account from him and it didnt work so i asked him to either refund my money or replace the account for one that works he basicly blocked me on aim and told me to take it up with google. So askHWH is a SCAMMER so dont send him a dime of your money. You wanna know how I know he is a scammer? Any one with common sense would say hey this guy is gonna buy alot more from me let me replace this bad account and apoligize so i can keep his business i mean we are only talking about 25 bucks here folks and i told this guy if this works i will buy min of 10 per week. He never once offered to replace. Any idiot on the street could tell you to just replace the account for one that works. He was begging me to leave him good feedback and i told him once i see that the accounts works i will leave you feedback and he seemed to be insulted about that and now i know why. Feel free to PM me if you want proof of all this i will be more then happy to provide the emails. Thank you for reading this and Beware of askHWH!

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your patience. The review of your account is now complete
    and I am sorry to inform you that per the review by our specialist team,
    your Google AdWords accounts do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.
    As a result, your accounts have been suspended, and your ads will no
    longer run on Google.

    To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit

    We appreciate your cooperation.


    The Google AdWords UK and Ireland team
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    well for that matter, i have read ppl who enjoyed his services as well as his explanation.

    u should also reflect on ur own actions b4 pushing the blame onto others. if i know, he helped u more than beyond the sale of a VCC or an account.
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    Yep, I am one of his satisfied customers. You can read my post in his thread by going to the following link...

    The OP is full of it, plain and simple.