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I got a rough idea, but need to get some gaps filled

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by SpuriousGer, May 28, 2011.

  1. SpuriousGer

    SpuriousGer Newbie

    May 28, 2011
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    So this is my first post and so far I've been reading a lot, but couldnt find any mega threads on the subject for w/e reason.

    I want to use Facebook and start acquiring friends on a few accounts. Those friends need to have a certain quality standard, so I'd rather start building up the accounts myself instead of buying. As a start, 100 easy friends would be nice, but they need to be in the somewhat same location, I dont care if this is in India, the US or in Greenland, but homogeneous would be preferable.

    Thus, I need a script which gives me the possibility to search for a certain term and then add people it finds, maybe even add one or two more criteria the finds need to meet in order to be added.
    When I add them, a message needs to be send accompanying it, this message should have certain terms from the profile in it and maybe randomly choose one out of x templates for the message body (dunno if that makes sense).

    This needs to be done on several accounts and the search terms should be taken from an excel sheet (or something similar). It is important that it doesnt add random people, but people fitting the criteria.

    Now, when the account is created and I got a few friends (few hundred). I want to start sending out messages, put up wall posts and the like. There needs to be some kind of randomness to it. I would obviously write those templates, but the script would need to randomly choose one out of x.

    I dont have an idea which way is the best to monetize on those friends. Ideally, it would be something where they dont need to buy anything just click on a link or fill out a survey or w/e else is possible.

    Can anyone help me out with those steps and tell me at how much costs I am roughly looking?

    Thanks in advance!