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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new pretty new to this whole SEO thing but I've been reading and researching for a while now. I believe i understand the basics but need to delve into the subject more to get a better understanding of techniques used.
    Anyway, i have a company website that i am going to start developing soon and im trying to come up with a plan to start SEO on it. The keywords i am going to choose do not seem to have too much competition.

    Here's my plan: I will whitehat SEO on my actual company page so i do not risk getting it deindexed. The i will do some blackhat SEO on other websites that link to my main web page so i can get some extra clicks.
    Any suggestions?

    i also read somewhere on another forum that instead of buying a new domain i should purchase an older domain that is already indexed by google on flippa or some other website. How would i go about doing this and still keep the domain name i have?
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    A businessman is the only man who is forever apolo
    under the sky
    Home Page:
    The Oder the Domain age you have the better change to be ranked well.
    A quick guide on SEO Factors :
    1.Domain Age
    2.Keyword in the Domain
    3.Good Content(Unique)
    4.Inbound Links (from relevant pages)
    5.Bing Webmaster Tools
    6.On-Site SEO/Internal Linking Structures
    7.Clean URL Structures
    8.Outbound Links
    9.Clean Code
    10.Inbound Links with Keyword in Title Tag
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    If you can find a good domain with a solid history, especially if its strongly related to your keyword and niche, might be worth the minor investment of going that route. Nice tips in the post above as well.
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    Please, DO NOT EXPERIMENT BLACK HAT WITH YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE... this will ruin your web rankings and may be your company's reputation and credibility.

    If we talk about Google, it is smart enough to identify your backlinks (remember, JC Penny case?).

    Your idea is pretty good if you will do all white to all your websites.

    Good luck!