I-frame Script & Re-Direct Script for Noobs

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    Iframing in a nutshell is simply the ability to view one web site but have a different domain showing in the internet browser bar. Affiliate links are long and ugly, so iframing allows you to come up with your own domain name like w3.googly.com but when people click that URL or type it into their browser bar, what is displayed is another web site, or most often, your affiliate link.

    So, people think they are at the site
    w3.googly.com but they are really at your CPA offer! Pretty neat stuff.
    Here is the code. All you need to do is replace the red font that says Affiliate Link to whatever your affiliate link is, and if you want you can change the title of the page, which is also in red. Save this script as your
    default or index.html on your domain, and that's it.

    <title>PUT YOUR TITLE OF THE PAGE HERE</title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="YOUR KEYWORD">
    <body style="margin:0px; "scroll="no">
    <iframe src="YOUR AFFILIATE LINK GOES HERE" style="border:0px;width:100%;height:100%;"></iframe>
    Re-Direct Script

    Re-directing is another way you can get people to your affiliate link without having to give them or show
    them your ugly, long affiliate link. Essentially, all you need to do is upload this short script (with your affiliate
    link replacing the red font) onto your default or index.html on your domain. Now, anytime somebody visits
    your domain, they will automatically be redirected to your affiliate link.

    Unlike the iframe script, now when people look in their address bar, they will see your affiliate link once they are redirected.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
    <title> PUT YOUR TITLE OF THE PAGE HERE </title>
    <meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url= YOUR AFFILIATE LINK GOES HERE "></HEAD>
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