I can't sell a site in Flippa without G analytics

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by hotpassion, May 5, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I have tried to sell my site in Flippa for the first time but failed and lost 140 buck for listing!:(
    After 30 days in auction and received nearly 1000 views, only one bid and the site still not sold.
    The problem is not with my site. It is my best auto blog that is generating nearly 1k/month for me(from adsen and Clbank sales). I'm now in need a big money right now so i decided to sell it.
    I suppose the reasons I failed to sell my site is that I can't provide Goole analytics. All comments asked for it. But I did't put G analytics in my auto blog for secure reason. I upload the Traffics status from my hosting Cpanel and adense proofs. But I think that is not enough for buyers :(

    The buyers now in flippa often attracted by those listing with very nice and well written descriptions. I'm not good in writing English (it is my second language), so I can't write a good auction details. I see many sites which are worse than my site but sold for a very high price. I took a look at their listings and I'm impressed with their writing: It is so well writing like a sale page with all the wonderful words that I can't write like them.
    My second mistake is that I started the starting Bid so high(6k) so It didn't have many bids.

    What should I do now? Should I re-list my site for action again? I can;t edit my listing details. It doesn't save what I change to my listing so the details are not professional enough.

    Thank for you all suggestions and help. I'm in need of money now so I really need to sell my site.
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    It sounds to me like you need to find yourself a broker to sell the site for you, and take care of the entire sales process.

    There are some great Flippa sellers here, and meathead1234 is by far the best.

    Shoot him a PM, and you may be surprised.
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    You should have started the auction at a lower price with a reserve of what you were willing to let it go at.

    Do not let it go to featured auction right away. Start it as a regular listing with a low starting price. Get some bids than buy an upgrade and make it featured. More people are likely to bid if people have already bid on the auction.

    Sales copy is very important.
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    You could always find someone on fiverr to rewrite your listing. Send the people that write articles if they will do it for you.
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    Yeah, try just to start your auction at $1. You can either set your reserve at $1 or at the price you're willing to let it go. At $1 starting price usuallyl attract people to place thier bids. You maybe can just use points (bulleted) if you can't write a good sales pitch. Other than that as already been mentioned, hire a broker to sell it or hire someone to write the sales copy.

    You also can try to learn on how people write, just go to the "site sold" section, sort it by highest bids #.

    30 days are quite a long auction, people tends not to wait that long. Just try for 5-7 days instead of 30.

    Just my 2 cents, good luck with your sale.