I cannot drive traffic to my webinar for ****, how do I fix this!?

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    I'm not totally sure where to put this, so I'll put it here?

    I run a business that sells educational programs in regards to how to make money on instagram by driving traffic to affiliate links, as well as how to collect emails and lastly how to build a large and highquality instagram page! How I sell my program is by contacting large instagram page's and having them do shoutouts for me (which is in short posting an advertisement on their page) . Now these pages allow my ads to be seen by 1000's of people if not 10's of thousands, and there are even 1000's of people liking the photos in which my advertisements are contained, yet the people who actually click the link that is in the bio of the instagram page that posted my advertisement is a very low number, and each time an action is required, whether that be signing up or watching the intro video, the numbers keep dropping! I understand that is bound to happen, but when I pay for an advertisement that gets 7,000 likes and there ends up being only 60 people on the webinar which leads to 3-4 sales, it leads me to believe there is something wrong that I'm doing somewhere down the line. The thing is we have a pretty damn good webinar (we are closing close to 10% with a product that costs over $400), with pretty damn good ads (or so I think), and also the program I'm selling js seriously great, I mean we've never had a bad review, and everyone that takes it says how great it is! I can provide images of some of my ads below! And If anyone can provide me with some guidance and or maybe a lead on a book or a piece of info which would help me advertise my webinar I would greatly appreciate it, cause the engagement on our ads just isn't converting to people on our webinar which is where we need to funnel them.


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