I Bought Easy Hide IP and Pad Submit Worker

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    Hey guys,

    A while ago I bought Easy Hide IP VPN and Pad Submit Worker

    Easy Hide IP (VPN) Review:-

    I thought to buy HMA first but I just wanted to try some new service so went for EHI.

    They have more than ~10 countries IP's including USA/UK/Canada. Speed is very good and I am yet to test it with zennoposter. But with browser it seems a very good alternative to HMA. Like it really.

    Pad Submit Worker :-

    Well, there were many available like promosoft etc but I went for Pad Submit Worker (Sales page magic lol).

    Anyhoo, it submits to approx 200-300 Software sites. But no anchor diversification but maybe you can go and submit 50 with one anchor and 50 with another.

    Just thought to leave a review of these things I bought a while ago + I had some time too.

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