i believe in what im doing, JV with me

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    so you know with who you are going to deal with, im 23 years old from Tunisia, i used to be a gamer in all the meanings of the word, until i decided to invest my knowledge into Internet marketing.

    since you could be my JV i have to share you some of my cards.
    Specifically im into PvP games (Player vs Player) and my website is covering 2 of the most 3 played games in the world and i have been playing both of them for crazy amount of hours, so i know the games very well, and i know the communities and what does the community wants/needs.

    what i have:
    - a decent website with a couple of adsense ads (the website is general so i can feel more comfortable when i write about new champion for a game, i can make a guide, write about gaming event etc...) i doing everything by my self and its goddam exhausting, but it is worth when i see similar things like this :
    - https://gyazo.com/5278b25abaf1cd73d66ec67d0e2dfd97
    - https://gyazo.com/2ba5eb304d3b8f92f6c72f96cd500545
    - https://gyazo.com/bfaa13165fa79019537e7f1fc7b0d43a

    - a facebook page with 6k targeted fans and the page is growing (i post in it daily about 6-8 posts, sometimes i create memes related to the games, i had a lot of success with them, some of them went viral)

    - i'm known in a lot of facebook groups, where anything i share is trusted (those groups are very strict when it comes to spamming, so i make sure that my content is always valuable and doesnt look like most silly click baits on the internet)

    and i have a lot of monetization ideas i can tell you more about them privately.

    what i need:
    someone with very good knowledge about wordpress especially the designing side, if something matters in gaming then its "looks", looks are very important for gamers, or we could save a lot of time if you can provide me one of those themes:
    1) http://themeforest.net/item/igame-premium-multipurpose-magento-theme/10436059?s_phrase=&s_rank=195

    2) http://themeforest.net/item/sevenma...heme/7114090?s_phrase=Wordpress game&s_rank=4

    my goal:
    creating one of the biggest gaming sites in the industry, where one day big companies like "razer" , "steelseries" would contact us personally just to promote their product in our site, maybe one day.

    you can leave me a comment here, or msg me & i'll add you on skype

    ps: facebook is my only source of traffic, didnt try any other kind of traffic and im not into the SEO and stuff.