I am rich (in my head :D)

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    Hi BlackHatWorld Member's !

    I introduce myself at the community with a little delay, I am a young person of 19 years old who, as everybody, tries to make money. Obviously I am not here that for it. I am totally fascinated by all that I learn on BlackHatWorld and I find this community really incredible.

    I am totally new in the world of BlackHat even if dices the age of 13ans I tried to win some money on the Internet.

    I discover for a little more than a month this New World which offers itself to me and I am very motivated about all this. The first euros/dollars are difficult to make but I don't give up.

    My short-term objective is to learn a maximum of the methods shared by the other members of the forum and to win my first euros/dollars.

    My medium-term objective is to participate actively in the forum and to create my own profitable methods. And of course to share with you what I estimate to be a good method or a good share.

    My long-term objective is to leave my job, to live with my earnings on the Internet and try to help the young people who begin with all this.

    Thanks BlackHatWorld Community, you're the best.

    PS: I'm French, so I'm sorry for my bad English.
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    Welcome Twosaf :D
    Its unbelieveable worth of information on this board. You have come to the right place ;)
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    Hello Twosaf:

    Welcome to Black Hat World! . . . Lots to learn and do,
    so roll up your sleeves and dig in. Enjoy your stay! :)

    Your New Friend - "WizGizmo"
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