I am not sure who I need,I guess either network sniffer or Java apk developer for dlink ap

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    Ive bought a dlink baby monitor,I bought it to use as a security camera,the product unfortunately only has a mobile app no official use for PC,

    I want someone to find me I guess the http requests I need to make a bot for it on my computer,

    I only need the walkie talkie function,if you think of a way I could get text to speech over it would be great too!
    Other people have found plenty of links for the camera,to watch/listen to live video on a browser,but the fuctionality the app provides is top class

    the app is free,so you could get apktool or something to read the script and see how to do it I guess
    *not sure if possible
    but it is only a small project so I dont have a big budget for it,but PM me a price anyways,btw I am not paying an upfront fee for this job as I can't imagine anyone being able to do it