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    Hey everyone. Total SEO newb here and would really appreciate some advice.

    My background..
    This year I learned HTML, CSS and a very basic php. I went on from there to create a basic website and then found drupal. I played around with that for a while but ultimately found it frustrating. Fast forward a few months and I tried out Wordpress and loved it from the beginning. Lately I've been designing websites on the thesis framework with wordpress for small local businesses.

    I've read up a lot on SEO and I think I understand all the principles for the most part. I read the SEO book by Aaron Matthew Hall a while back but the sheer bulk of the book made me think that SEO must be very tedious and difficult. True? What I've heard consistently is that its all about getting good links.

    I'm very interested in some of the offline marketing ideas floating around here and I think it's something I would like to pursue.

    Whats the best thing I can do right now for getting my niches sites ranked on the first page of google. I see that there are many tools like Senuke X and Market Samurai and also lots of outsourcing options on here but they cost a lot of money and I want to make sure I'm making the right choices from the beginning. Even better if I can do it myself. If you were starting again tomorrow what would you do?
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    1.Keyword Research,you can buy money making keywords too.
    2.Set up website,buy domain n hosting.
    3.Get unique contents..either write or outsource..with good keyword density.
    4.Some good On-page SEO.
    5.Start building backlinks. (Buy Scrapebox with BHW discount,just $57 and well worth the money)
    6.Put Adsesne,content lockers or promote affiliate products.
    7.Make Money
    8.Automate the whole process.

    *Not as easy as described.

    See this thread for keyword research assistance.

    Questions are welcomed...
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