I am looking for mass email sender...


Aug 20, 2010
Hi can someone guide me to the best Mass email sender software... I heard groupmail business is good and atomic mass sender... is there any free ones that are around?? I tried searching on demonoid couldnt find anything
I think MailChimp is free up to 300 or 3000. Its been a while so I can't remember exactly but you might want to check them out.
interspire, send-safe, volomp...

whatever else that has been mentioned in this thread is noob shit.
I could probably upload a cracked sendblaster - don't know how good it is , but it works for me. I only run 1 white list of about 1500 though. PM me if you can't find anything better and I'll see what I can do
Thanks for the ideas but I cant find any of them on demonoid...Im looking to send 100k per day...
well the best from my research would be a dedicated offshore running a interspire script... you gotta use socks and once you see a higher bounce rate than usual then you should switch ips. also have a bunch of aol accounts... dedicated costs a lot but in the long run depending on what kind of BH business you have it might be worth it for you...
i need to send out mass mailing and i dont have a targeted mailing list. anyone in bhw providing this service? would be very interested
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