I am looking for a JV partner , Please read it

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    Apr 22, 2014
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    I am looking for a partner for a webinar of this product http://audiovideospinner.com

    English is not my native language so I am not capable to make a webinar. I am looking for a english native speaker to make the webinar.

    I have a list with more that 400 pre-buyers of this product. I will share with you the 60% of the sales occurred during the webinar. I will use your affiliate link in my website as the payment link. Also I will give you 10 license of my product so you can sell it 57x10= 257.00

    1-I have a great pre-buyer list
    2-I will invite to all my other subscribers
    3-I will promote the webinar using paid ads

    If you are interested please contact me by email at [email protected]