i am Expert Web Designer, you Bring Me clients = commision + SEO work

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    I am a Web Designer By Trade, and i have extensive experience developing websites with Joomla, and Wordpress.

    I am looking for a JV with any Internet Marketing Expert who can bring me certain amount of leads per week. I have a backup team of Graphic Designer, and 2 programmers, so i can take on at least 3-4 projects per week.

    right now i am solely relying on word of mouth, and referrals. i see a huge potential for making a large sum of revenue per month, i normally charge 1000$ for a typical CMS website. and there is a lot of Up selling to be done as well.

    for example, if you can bring in constant leads, we can split the profit 70/30, and you can offer your entire Internet Marketing service to the client as well.

    i have worked on online shopping sites, directories, and have even attempted to make a social networking platform using jomsocial.

    i wont turn back any client, based on their wants and needs. so the bigger the project, the better for the both of us.

    Please take a look at some of my past work: 6ssolutions.com
    (the site is not yet complete, but i have been working on it constantly, and seeking content writing services to fill in the rest of the site's content)

    if anyone is interested in promoting the business online i would love to hear from you. we can definitely work something out.
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