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Apr 15, 2010
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Anyone do anything with HYIP? Years ago I was apart of one and made a little money but then of course like they all do they fold eventually, but it was fun to me.....Anyone making any money with this? If so what company?
HYIPs are mostly scams, especially the ones that claim 3000% or so in 1 hour. If you want to establish a new HYIP, then you need a good investment , which i think is about 800-1000$ so you can get reviews, promotions, etc.
HYIP mean the website owner will pay the old memmbers from the new members money, and when he feel that new members wont cover the old memmbers payment he scam all of them. Thats the idea to get too much fools as you can them scam them all. Stay away from such things!
And BTW: the wesite script do all of this when he sleep :D
and its for $140 i think, so dont trust such websites cuz it cost about $200 max!
But i think HYIP is too old scamming methode now, they change the style of the scam and the look of the website and the script, but all of them and i mean ALL, are scammers, the diffrent is there is two types: 1- have about $200-$500 as a scamming capital so you find this site close in few days cuz he cant cover the costs anymore. 2- have a thousands of dollers (from a past scams) so he know what he do and he have allot of money to invest, so his website still live for few months to years, So the big fish think this website (investing company lol) are trustable cuz its live now for 1-2 years, so they invest thire $$$$$$$ on it and then..... BOOOOM
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