Human Content or Spinned Content?


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Jun 14, 2013
Hello guys :) !

I just bought 12 domains for creating Affiliate sites, but I need at least 5-10 big articles (500 - 1000 words) on every one and I want to ask if you think its very important to have a quality human wrote article or it can rank with a spinned article (with WordAi Tunning Plan).

I will be doing backlinks everyday to all of that articles, what do you think :) ?
Well if you decide to buy those articles you're looking at a $700 to $1200 investment in content. So the price is part of the answer : are you willing to invest that much ?

Secondly, are you going for the long haul or are these dozen sites churn n burn? If the latter then go ahead and spin the content. Most the crap on the seomoz blogs, searchengine land, and most the shit Matt Cutts says sounds like spun content anyway.
your best bet is to always have written by humans nothing can be compare to the human touch truth be told
If you can write, do them yourself, if not, spin them. Buying them is a really expensive option, I don't think that'd be a great solution.
Get Dragon Naturally Speaking and just steal, remix, and transcribe other peoples content.

I would only spin if I needed a few hundred pages per site.
You took a good decision in deciding to write them, I wish you good luck in ranking your Affiliate sites and maintaining its raking higher in G..
Thanks. I think I am going to write them

I've been there, tried to write them by myself. But in the end it was too hard and too time consuming.

So I thought of something in between human content & robotic content. I brought very cheap PLR articles (can also get them for free) and gave them to someone who is good in rewriting articles. The outcome is pretty good: 500 words, readable and 100% unique for $5. Maybe you can discuss a discount if you have that many articles ...
Write it if you can, as it is highly recommended a fresh content for money sites.

for lower tiers you can use WordAi or any other reliable spinning tool.
Spin, Re-read, Adjust if something doesn't make sense.. You are good to go <--- This is for Non-English speakers

If you are good at English, then find good quality content, re-write them or use dragon naturally speaker, W/E you are comfortable with
don't use spinned content, you don't even need WordAI, just go on youtube, search your niche, find a video, then use a transcriber program, and it'll caption out all the words for that video, then use that as content for your backlinks ;)
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