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Huge SEO pyramid?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Xellon, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Xellon

    Xellon Regular Member

    Apr 22, 2011
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    The future, year 2036
    What happens if I were to make this huge link pyramid linking to my site? would that help with seo? for example:

    2.0 profile pointing to a wordpress blog-->tumbler blog-->bloggers blog-->facebook page-->Live jurnal-->wiki-->wordpress blog-->tumbler-->facebook page-->wiki-->etc etc etc etc until it points to the money site. Then repeat the process. Is this unnatural?

    I would think it's best to have a variation of stuff. After being on the forums for so long, this is what my next plan is:

    web 2.0 profile pointing to a social network, and then the money site. I'll do this several times.
    book marking sites pointing to a social network, then money site
    forum profile pointing to a social network, then money site

    sometimes, I'll throw in several sites like web 2.0 linking to wordpress blog, wordpress blog linking to tumbler blog, tumbler linking to squidoo, and then to money site.

    Blast the hell out of my web 2.0 profiles using scrapebox
    make several high quality comments pointing straight to my money site.

    While at the same time, doing simple non-pyramids such as 1 bookmarking site pointing to my money site. I'll do this several times.
    Social site pointing to money site.

    My main keyword would be used 30% of the time. The remaining 70% would be a bunch of different keyword such as "click here" "visit site" "names" and other stuff.

    What do you guys think?