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    I am one of those people who read more and do less, and I know it's bad. Now I am going to cut everything that doesn't bring value to my life and shift my focus on IM.

    What I am allowing myself:
    5 minutes per day of Facebook, email and Skype, just to check messages.
    45-60 minutes per day for 1 episode of TV show
    15 minutes for BHW, mostly will be spent on this journey (not included following particular threads that help me)

    No other forums allowed, not even reading new blog posts from seo blogs, nothing.

    Not including this, rest of my time is spent on school (I am 15).

    Other things I am going to try along the way with this journey:

    Meditate - I did couple of 10 minute sessions with Calm app, so far so good, but it didn't had much impact on my life.
    Work out more
    Sleep more/better - I cannot get myself to go to bed earlier than 12 pm/1 am, even if I do, I don't fall in sleep earlier than that.

    Tools I am using:
    Fiverr/BHW for outsourcing

    What I am going to focus on?
    1. Affiliate SEO
    2. Personal Blog
    3. Authority Site
    4. Sell my service/s here on BHW

    1. Affiliate SEO

    I got few sites here, and few niches to tap into. After that, no new sites will be made unless ALL of my current are ranking and banking.

    Site A: Keyword I bought from Jared225 for $39, low competiton. I made a site with 1500 word homepage and 6 500 word review articles, with the goal of homepage ranking. Main kw has 800 searches only, as it is a sub-niche. Whole niche seems not so hard, so after this I will try to dominate other sub-niches too!

    Couple days after making a site, it indexed and instantly was on page 3! Dancing around there, I wasn't touching it for month or 2 and it stayed there.

    Links I pointed to it:
    - 5 pbn links from seller here, service not available anymore, links are not on homepage anymore
    - 2 pbn links as review copy
    - 4 pbn links as review copy
    - around 15 high TF tumblrs, scraped by myself
    - Few blog comments

    Ahrefs seems to picking up only those comments.

    Main keyword is on 22. spot now.
    Right now I am occasionally building tumblrs to it, waiting them and pbns to actually kick in.

    Site B: It's also micro niche site, which I bought on here for $35. Main kw has 1600 searches.
    I am not super satisfied with it, but I will try to rank it. Keyword seems like low comp, but I am still nowhere in top 100 so idk yet.
    It has homepage article and couple more pages, nothing special.

    I haven't done anything on it for a month, what I did yesterday:
    - Bought $12 Lite combo package from seller here, including: 20 Web 2.0s, 200 Bookmarks, 8 Edu links and 500 Wiki links. Goal with this was to diversify my anchor, I did naked, brand and LSI.
    - Build 5 VERY HIGH TF tumblrs with main kw anchors

    Right now, I will wait a bit, maybe ocasionally throw strong tumblr here and there.

    Other: I also have 4 easy diet sub-niches, I ordered articles for them, but writer closed the service and I got refunded, atm finding new writer for this, then I will make site.
    It will basically start with 4 pages, content rich targeting each diet sub-niche, each around 1000-2000 searches. After that, I will keep expanding that diet niche, maybe turn it into huge one.

    2. Personal Blog

    This will not be for profit, just my place to write everything that comes to my mind. It will be clean white site, I will not bother with optimizing it for seo nor anything else.
    Articles will be not edited, maybe a picture here and there.

    I haven't put up a site yet, but I have some articles finished, waiting on my hard drive.

    3. Authority Site

    Niche and market is already researched, it's niche I am experienced it.
    For now, I will write everything myself, I have planned at least 150 pages of content for start.
    To prove how easy this should be, I have putted up random page on random domain with 50 words for 10k kw, in 1 day i was on 3rd page.

    I will not use any blackhat seo tactics for this one, it is way to easy, and it has potentional to bring tons of money and I plan to have millions of visitors monthly.

    This will be more like business, if it succeeds, I have huge plans on expanding it and making it 6 figure site.

    I will focus on:
    - SEO: Outreach, networking, guestposts.
    - Social Media: In this niche, social is huge. I will be active and shit.

    4. Sell my Services

    I will not go into detail with this as it can be considered as self promotion, but I plan to open 2 services here, 1 is actually in approval process right now.
    Also suggestions where else I can sell my services besides here are welcome.

    Here are some stuff I will test and maybe include in this journey:
    - Parasite SEO
    - Ranking sites solely on Yahoo/Bing (there is method here by Berkay)
    - Ranking sites on Google with Berkays method
    - Few methods of lightingblitz

    My goal is to focus on current things, and not get dragged into new shiny object.

    Also, this are not my only sites, I have some more which make money, but after them I got lazy hence this journey.

    1 more thing to conclude this huge thread which you probably haven't read:
    As I get many niche ideas, method ideas etc., to keep me away from starting new things and focusing on my current stuff, I will giveaway them here in this thread, probably to people that give me advice and actually help me along the way. (Just please, don't ask me for it)

    To start off, I will give away
    - Twitter account with 2500 followers in adult niche, I made $4 with crakrevenue with it. (Sherbert Hoovers method)
    - Low comp keyword I bought from service here, 1600 searches.
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    Good luck :D
    From my own experience shit goes terribly wrong when you start doing more than two projects/sites at a time.
    Maybe you'll surprise me ...
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    I expect it to happen, so I will probably give up on some projects and focus on others, but for now, I will do it this way.
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    Good luck man!
    You are starting at a great age. As long as you keep at it, you'll make things happen!
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    Good luck buddy you will rock on soon.
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    Haha I just turned 16 your kinda like me. Read more do less �� Anyways good luck man I hope you succeed.
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    Good luck... why you spent too much on watching TV?