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    Hello Black Hat world, I'm looking for someone to join me on my nike add to car service program I'm working on.

    A little background on how this works: Nike releases a lot of shoes, multiple ones every day, but there are a few hyped ones that release, usually on the weekend. People, sneaker heads and jordan heads alike, want to cop the shoes, but due to limited releases, they are not available for everyone. Bots dominate this industry, thus creating an add to cart service. People are willing to pay between 15-200 dollars for someone just to add the shoe to their cart since they pretty much sell out instantaneously. The major sites doing it are getting about 1-2k customers per release. There is usually 1-3 big drops every week, so you guys can do the math on how much money this could generate.

    WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: Someone who is very experienced in coding. How this will work is it needs to run on rackspace servers or something like that. People will pay for the service through my site, i.e., they enter in their nike account email and password, their size, and what color. The program will then need to save this information for atleast 1 thousand customers. Then, it will need to ping a link that nike tweets out atleast every 10-100 milliseconds.(Do not worry about finding the link, i am able to track down early links for all releases.)
    It will then need to be able to log into the specified accounts, click add to cart for the shoes and to get past both captcha and image verification. The most important thing about the program is SPEED. if we are even 1 millisecond ahead of the competition, it could mean the difference between getting 900 pairs, and getting 950 pairs of a shoe

    WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: I am an avid sneaker head. I understand the shoe market and know which sneakers people want to get and which ones will bring us no revenue. I understand how the twitter game works for this as most atc services get customers through twitter. I will manage the social network aspect of the site, and also do a lot of seo work. I have gotten pretty good at seo over the years, and the sites that are up don't do much seo at all, so i am confident we will be ranked in the top 5 for any nike shoe add to cart bot service keywords. I will also design the website( have already started) and pay for the server up keep and etc.

    If anyone is interested, pm me and we can talk on skype. This is a very untapped market and most atc services are making 5-10k a week minimum.
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