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    depends on Proxies
    Hey B-Hatter,

    Need some help from any of you.
    Do you guys know that we can put in WordPress in Fanpage.
    Not plugin but purely WP Theme with 500px width.

    Means you can have full control of your blog via CMS in WP.
    Then it will be iFrame in your fanpage.

    Sales Page:

    The WP Theme with 500px:
    Here is the thing...
    I have run HTTrack to rip all the files.
    I already manage to ripped all the video tutorials and the WP Theme with 500px.

    The problem is when i install the theme it cant read.
    When i check back the files its because everything is jumble up.
    The css stylesheet in a wp-theme folder and all link is under wp-

    Is there anyway i can clean up the file do that i can install this theme?
    If this works than i can put this up in the download section with all the videos.

    Looking forward for your help.
    Thanks in advance.