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[http://www.internet-9.com] make money from http://shareflare.net

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by saobacdau, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. saobacdau

    saobacdau Newbie

    Apr 1, 2010
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    Partnership program (Make money on the internet)
    # The only thing you have to do is upload a file onto http://www.shareflare.net/ and put the unique URL that you receive onto your site or forum or send to friends by e-mail. P.S. don`t forget to register!!! Anyone who wishes to can work with us.

    # We pay you money for unique downloads of your files..

    Your earnings depends on file size

    File size Earn, $
    0Mb .. 0.99Mb - Up to $4
    1Mb .. 4.99Mb - Up to $6
    5Mb .. 9.99Mb - Up to $8
    10Mb .. 49.99Mb - Up to $12
    50Mb .. 99.99Mb - Up to $14
    100Mb .. 249.99Mb - Up to $18
    250Mb .. 1499.99Mb - Up to $24
    1500Mb ........... - Up to $30

    Depending on your status - profits will vary

    Paper with this status earnings will be 0 (For ppl who are temporarily does not benefit the service)
    Tin with this status earnings will be default/5
    Bronze with this status earnings will be default/3
    Silver with this status earnings will be default/2
    Gold with this status earnings will be default/1.5
    Platinum with this status earnings will be default
    Accepted countries: ALL
    Status is determined automatically by the system - daily.
    The system status is the know-how, and therefore kept secret.
    To determine what status will be assigned specifically for you, just start working with us.
    # Payments are available on request. Make a request, please visit payments.

    The minimum amount of the request webmoney 5 WMZ (We pay in two days).
    The minimum amount of the request Paypal $15 (We pay every monday).

    Here are pictures of his players in two days

    Now here is the proof:


    website : http://www.internet-9.com
  2. sarderiftekhar

    sarderiftekhar Junior Member

    May 9, 2009
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    after uploading the files, I don;t see them in the list???