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    i need someone with extensive experience in HTML/PHP coding. I need customization of my customer interface done. The coding is all there, the files are all there, database ect is all there. the hard part is all there but i need someone to make my customer interface look like these below in the attachments.

    it will require knowledge of SMARTY, TPL files, etc as well. The technical aspect is all there but you will have to read and understand the coding. I cannot help as much in that aspect because i dont know much about that stuff.

    But i can help with what file does what. The design is up to the you. Its a freelance project so you can do what you want and make it look beautiful.

    Im thinking for this task I can give $150 to $250.
    Please contact me here or add me on messenger, and we can talk pricing and what not:

    msn: [email protected]
    aim: nmushfiqur
    yahoo: nahid5692001 @ yahoo . com
    skype: nahid569

    I need this fast, please contact.


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