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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by aamcle, May 24, 2010.

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    Evening all.

    To support my white hat money site I'm running two other independantly hosted domains and they are going to be more or less white. Beneath them there will be a hierarchy of blogs. I can batter the blogs with scrapbox and so on.

    Is it better for the two sites to run HTML or WP ? I'm thinking in terms of passing link authoriy and posible resale if the time comes when I dont need them supporting the money site.

    Regards aamcle
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    There isn't much point in doing it this way unless you are going to put in the time and effort to sincerely and seriously build these properties up into real websites that work within relation to your money making niche, feeding the same type of market or industry with a related product or service itself, to stand on its own legs.

    In building sites simply for the purpose of marketing backlinks, you are actually doing more damage by cutting your target traffic off to despite your own efforts, as you are going to have to push traffic and energy into those sites to promote them, to get them in a position to give your primary any pull.

    Why waste that time and effort when it will only take traffic that should be going to your primary site in the first place to the secondary offsites, where there is no chance of profitable gain?

    Stick to one site, build your blog and article links around it and keep it simple and direct. Too man arteries and you will spread your search traffic too thin, just like a body that is too strain the heart, the blood stops and so does the life force.

    Food for thought.