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    i have a normal site like

    i have made an app on fb and have put my abv site in an iframe,

    so now..when i open my app appsdotfaceb00kdotcom/appname/ i see my website iframed in it!

    now what i want is convert the urls/links of my website to that of app urls..

    example: i want to change this to appsdotfaceb00kdotcom/appname/12345/ ..
    so when this appsdotfaceb00kdotcom/appname/12345/ is accessed ,this ( page is opened!

    also all clickable links on my site/iframe should go to appsdotfaceb00kdotcom/appname/abc ....... xyz .. but in reality they should be accessing my main website to fetch the content...

    any help is appreciated! :)