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    Good evening everyone, this'll be my first post here. Just wanted to get an idea if I've been heading in the right direction with my site. I have been reading posts here at BHW for a little while now and haven't really had much to contribute. Still in the learning and information absorbing phase haha :)

    So I just wanted to get everyones opinion on how my site is doing and how to help improve its ranking quicker. I have access to several tools that I would like to use if you believe they're worth it. I do some internet related work for a company and my boss gave me: Link Farm Evolution, Market Samurai, Scrapebox, and WP Robot. I've only really figured out how to use WP Robot (somewhat) and Market Samurai barely.

    Its a micro niche/autoblog type site focused on technology. I started it the beginning of this year and here are my stats for the first month:

    Unique Visitors: 1067
    Number of Visits: 3215
    Pages: 24619
    Hits: 39654
    Bandwidth: 277.32 MB

    Referring Sites 48.94%
    Search Engines 29.79%
    Direct Traffic 21.27%

    This data is slightly skewed, because as of writing 287 visitors came from twiends (So basically 25% of traffic)

    I recently added 2 adsense ads on 1/18/11 but didn't realistically get them working till 1/25/11 (I'm an adsense noob and actually figured out how to implement them on site :eek:) Here are the latest results:

    Page Views: 266
    Clicks: 5
    Page CTR: 1.88%
    CPC: $0.79
    Page RPM: $14.84
    Earnings: $3.95

    SO, with all that data out there what in your opinions can I do to improve traffic, adsense revenue, and ranking in searches. As of right now I have 1900 pages indexed by google and I honestly forgot how many by yahoo (not as many though) Is using one of those tools worth it? eg. LFE or Scrapebox? Or any other tools for that matter? Thanks for reading through all that and thank you in advance for the help!
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    Hi, CTR is pretty low, 1900 pages, scraped? add some unique content targeting keywords, why not split test with some affiliate stuff, you never mentioned your SERP position. Looks like you have lots of return visitors and plenty page views. I assume the BR is very good.
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