Howie Goes Mobile ~~Video Inside~~

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    Hey BHW
    Even though i dont endorse anything from these "guru guys" i still find this video full of good facts about what puts bread on the table for me and my fam.
    Text Message Marketing
    Some good facts with some good Q&A. Im a firm believer that sms marketing is the next big thing and ive been on the front line for over a year now! and im loving it!

    Heres the link to the video its about 75 min long and they are trying to sell you some bs course that they talk about at the end for an insane amount of money i didnt even stick around to find out.

    PS dont ask me if i have the course lmao it would be a veryyyyyy cold day in hell before i would put any money in these "gurus" pockets

    PSS Also i would like to throw out the idea to any admin reading this thread i posted in the offline marketing section here but i think it would be nice to have out own SMS Marketing Section here on BHW

    Enjoy Friends

    You guys have any questions hit me up here
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