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    Hello all

    I've been reading the forums off and on for a few weeks and decided today is a good day to join.

    I'm currently employed full time as a private carer, and while I enjoy my job for the most part a couple months ago I started seriously considering IM as an alternative income stream for when my current job ends. So here I am. I have enjoyed reading the forum and plan to do a lot more reading, but of course when the time comes to start getting my feet wet in the IM world, it will be nice to be able to ask questions and get advice and this looks like a good place to do it.

    My interest at the moment is two fold. Create a series of information products and market them, or use them to build e-mail lists. And also to create several affiliate niche sites. That should be enough to keep me busy for a while, and hopefully in X amount of months time i'll start seeing some results or at least learn something along the way. But as I said I have zero experience in what i'm doing, so come watch me fail...

    I usually read more than post, but I will try to change that as I reckon i'm missing out on a lot by not getting involved and asking questions.