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    Hey there,
    this is not my first venture to the seedier side of the net, but it is my first time i thought i could get direct financial gain from things i learn there. Im used to finding things like buildplans to make a flame thrower tail pipe like in grease or fast and the furious.
    I am a graphic designer and website designer. So being in the art field and not the computer science field i knew why stuff worked but not how and in my txt books and what not they skim over that stuff. There was a small blurb in a book called looking closer in a section about ethics in the Art world and a little confusing bit about black hats and white hats and 1920's movies. Really just a confuing mess, I stored in the back of my mind.
    I recently have gotten in to affiliate marketing, but do not seem to be finding any success so I started looking for help and i came across a line in a how to by Adrien Morrison, it said it is important to try to avoid Black Hat. Then all of a sudden i remembered that line about ethics in Design and Marketing from my text book.
    "Certain methods can be used to give your content an edge but you should approach them as a White hat not a Black hat. These terms comes from the use of colours in Black and White movies to differentiate between Heroes and Villians."
    So on a whim I typed that in to the search bar and boom i got here.
    And i wanna say thanks in advance for all the useful info here.
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    welcome home