How you increase serps positions using xRumer ?


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Nov 10, 2008
As fas as i know profile backlinks have no anchor, they won't help increasing positions in google serps for keywords . Backlinks from posts have anchor, but they all PR=0 or N/A, they have very little value. Posting to blogs - i have low success rate, i have better results using scrapebox. I have bought xRumer but have no idea how to increase serp position using this tool. i know that this tool is very powerful, can you tell me guys how to post to beat my competitors fast? How you do that ? Any suggestions ?
Uh, profiles DO have anchor texts, since often times the signature is displayed in the profile.

Profiles have power in numbers, so don't worry too much about the PR of the profiles.

And why would you purchase a tool that you have no idea how to use?
This is not for newbies. Xrumer has a long learning curve.

Start studying it and be glad you could afford it(if you did).
A backlink is still one more backlink regardless if it doesn't have a PR rank. Either way finding blogs with higher PR is pretty easy to find on google if you're specific on your search... I've been doing this manually for a month now getting about 10-20 backlinks a day to my sites with a realtively high success rate. Of course I'm not spamming and like I said, typing each one up manually but still. Maybe you aren't using xrumer correctly like Thrashingshrimp suggested?:confused:
right, vbulletin and ipb forum profiles have signature included in profile, i checked only phpbb, my mistake. I'm learning xrumer everyday, teaching it new forms, reading tutorials, using it only for 3 days, hope i will use its full power soon
you still need to mix the backlinks with other tipe of backlinks so your backlinks not only come from forum :)
in right hand xrumer is probably the best tool out there and ofcourse it can do some major serps movement id used correct.
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