How would you invest $2000?


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Nov 22, 2008
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I've been webmastering for a while now, doing this and that, and fritting between projects with varying degree's of success. I've managed to make a little but perhaps due to the nature of the projects I choose (little start up cash required, fairly labour intensive, etc) its been pretty miss. That said, I've managed to rack up enough to be able to plough in to a bigger project and I'm looking for some advice.

I'm looking to plough some money in to one or more project that'll earn maybe $300 a week (an acceptable wage for a student, I'm sure you'll agree). I was thinking of perhaps buying a few hours CL mentoring with Tony, coupling that with a mass mailer and possibly even a harvester. I think I'd like to buy some sort of tool/training, but I'm stuck for ideas, theres just so much to choose from and I won't want to get the wrong thing

Any advice would be muchos appreciated
Don't know if the CL mentoring is worth while because of CL being such an ass these days.

I'm certain it will always be possible for *some* people to make *something* from CL. So you're either looking at training that will be useless because CL will be a pretty much dead market, or training that will allow you to operate highly effectively in a marketplace that has little competition (because all the amateurs have given up) and therefore is profitable. I'd go with the second option personally, but invest your cash wisely:)
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If i was you i would take your 2000 bucks and pay the people back you just ripped off. Do not let this member pay you via paypal. He likes to file charge backs after you deliver.
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