How would you inbox 200 clean emails/ day?

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    Here is my problem - and thanks for taking the time to have read this. I have a list of 7,000 potential clients that I scrapped from a PUBLIC directory - i.e. their details are there so that they may be contacted. When I contact them I will say that I obtained their details from a public source and will offer them an unsubcribe link so I should be within CAN SPAM. Do you think setting up Interspire on shared hosting (although shared hosting is not ideal) would be a good place to test my project, i.e. sending 200 emails/ day which is a small amount. Do you think Interspire and the hosting will work fine and get a decent inbox rate? Or - would you just go straight into a third party email provider and just say that the list were optin from back in the day? Say, maybe Mail Chimp or someone like that? How would you go about testing this - obviously I would want to send at least 2,000 before making any decisions to the viability of the project. Thanks