How Would I Extract the RSS Feeds from these Sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MichiganManiac, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I have a list of 100 blogs related to my niche.

    How could I quickly extract all of the feeds and merge them into a single feed?

    The idea is to compile 150 feeds into one, plug the new feed into yahoo pipes, and restrict the output to only items (blog posts) which mention a specific product.

    I really don't want to have to manually go to all 150 sites and retrieve the RSS Feeds by hand.
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    depends on the type of sites these feeds are on. if they are wordpress sites you can simply use a wordpress plugin like feedwordpress to grab feeds from specially crafted wordpress search feeds outputted as rss. as in goto a wordpress site, do a search for "keywords" in the search box, (dont forget the "") and look at the url that is returned. you will see your keyword between the "" of the url, and the &output=rss will convert it to rss output for you..

    now you can easily have feedwordpress check these rss feeds for new posts, suck them all into your own wordpress blog, spin em, auto seo link em back to your main page, run your own rss feed through rss pipes and other rss feeds (or wordpress sites that import your wordpress feed for their own feeds) or other sites and you the man.
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    This can be done with the help of 3 Tools, The first tool to mix all your feeds to 1 single feed is the mailchimp tool, chimpfeedr , then you could take your generated feed to yahoo pipes, once you have done your settings on yahoo pipes and has the new rss feed, you could then use FeedsAPI to turn any of the shortened content in the feed to a full text feed and do whatever you wich with it, either use the newly generated feed into a wordpress plugin or use the rss to email feature of feedsAPI to publish to your blog
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    If you have a list of the blogs... and if these are wordpress blogs... place the list into notepad... use find and replace... and replace .com with .com/feed
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    Great question, I recently wrote a command line RSS reader so I can read news articles at work and still look like I'm working ;P

    The script below can be adapted to aggregate all RSS data into a string - I'm not going to write it for you but if you are willing to learn I'm here to help (hint take a look at line 33).

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